Baby Food Feeder - Way to start fruits and vegetables for baby

First few months of baby are spent drinking and spitting milk as the digestive system strengthens and develops capability to digest heavier foods. As baby nears the age of 6 months, you would need to start on other foods or juices to ensure that baby gets the adequate nutrition for wholesome development. Although my tweety is just 4-1/2 months old, our doctor said that we can start with juices and semi solid foods in small quantities.

There are a lot of baby foods like Cerelac in the market which are based on fruits or essential cereals but we all know that nothing beats the actual stuff. But for that we need to squeeze the juice out of fruits or feed the baby in extreme pulpy form so that eating (or gulping) and subsequent digestion is not an issue.

We got the answer to our problem at a Mom and Me store while shopping for diapers and bottle nipples. I saw a tiny teether like product called as Food Feeder.

Fisher Price Food Feeder - papakehtehain.comFisher Price Food Feeder -

It is essentially a round handle with a small mesh bag. You can fill the bag with fresh cut juicy fruits or vegetables and hand this over to baby. Baby will suck on the bag at her own pace and get the juice and very small quantities of pulp from the fruits in the bag. Due to the fine holes in the bag the pulp is very limited and thus does not pose a choking hazard. It also acts as a teether for the baby and thus baby can suck and try to chew with gums on the bag for a long time.

My tweety loves the feeder and so far we have used it to give her Mango and Watermelon. Plan to add bananas and oranges to the list.

At Rs. 250/- for such a useful product it is one of the best purchases we have made for our baby. Its also available online from sites like babyoye and firstcry, also it is available from brands like Mee Mee and munchkin, but we went for Fisher Price as it had a cover over the food bag for hygienic storage when not in use. In case the mesh gets clogged after a few feeds, you can also buy set of replacement bags.

Do try it out if you are looking at ways to feed fruits and vegetables to your baby.

Baby Food Feeder -

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