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An IT professional by career, a travel enthusiast at heart, a die-hard movie lover and fun guy next door, that’s how I used to describe myself. Although I have always been caring and gentle with kids, but when I had my own Tweety few months ago, the world changed! As they say, when a child is born, a father is born!

After the initial euphoria, came a spate of questions around various baby products, their utility, best way to handle the baby, doubts around various growth stages of baby- what’s normal and what’s not. Started gathering as much knowledge as I could from Internet, Magazines, Grandma’s wisdom, our pediatrician, parents et al and felt a need to share my experiences on what’s working for my tweety.

Hence, came, Papa Kehte Hain

Through this blog, I plan to share information on baby essentials, interesting products, baby care tips and some age old home remedies (tried first-hand) from an Indian perspective.

Do share your insights, experiences and any feedback by leaving a comment here or write to me at pkh2212@gmail.com, would like to hear from you.
Varun Aggarwal
Glad to be a dad :) 
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  1. Love the line n it´s so true...
    When a child is born and that is the moment a father is born :))

    What abt your hobby towards photography .... you do have to say something abt it...

    What abt your passion for F1, food


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