Baby's First HairCut - Razor or Trimmer

Image from - First hair cut is a very important occasion for Indian parents. It is a ritual dictated by religious beliefs and old customs being followed for generations. Generally these customs or beliefs decide the timing and mode of hair cut, which is, Razor or Machine. Due to the soaring temperature and Tweety's affinity to sweating, we decided to go for her hair cut. 

However, based on elders' advice we went ahead with the razor option and unfortunately had to pay with a small cut on Tweety's scalp :( It was half way through the hair cut and thankfully Tweety didn't react. I, on the other hand, was almost on the verge of tears seeing red. I tried to compose myself and asked for the machine to be used thereafter and trust me on this, a machine gives almost as fine a cut as with razor. 

People say that first haircut with razor helps baby grow better hair both in quality and quantity. This is nothing but a myth. The quality, quantity, curliness or straightness of hair depends purely on genes and the follicles underneath the scalp. Shaving or trimming would not change anything. 

I did this research a bit late and had to pay for it in a bad way, but please be wise and learn from my mistake. No matter what elders or the priest may say about mandatory use of razor, I would request and advise you to use a machine for any hair cut done before the age of two years.

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