Baby Monitor: Finding Affordable Peace of Mind

Watching a movie or even having a conversation with your spouse once kids are asleep is one of the few things parents live for (Apart from their kids ofcourse :p). Making sure that your kids are asleep and you can hear them in case they need you is a huge relief. Baby monitors come to the rescue here.

These are devices which usually have two instruments, one transmitter and other receiver. You can place the transmitter near your baby and take the receiver with you to another room/floor in the house. Baby monitor will ensure that you hear immediately if you kid makes noise.

There are lots of types and versions of baby monitors, audio, video, radio based, DECT based,wifi enabled, with camera etc. The main purpose of a baby monitor is to indicate to you when you need to go to your baby. Thus video baby monitors may be a bit too much information when sound or light indication would do perfectly fine.

Phillips AVENT SCD560
I was planning to buy Phillips AVENT SCD560/10 (close to 80 Eur - >9K INR - Amazon), however a friend lent me his Motorola MBP 8 (30 Eur - 3.6 K INR - Amazon) and I must say I am mighty impressed.
Motorola MBP-8

In case you live in an apartment and have all rooms on same floor, you don't need to spend anything more than what you may pay for MBP 8. It is DECT based audio monitor and thus there is no radio static or disturbances, only pure sound from your baby's room.

The downside is that it can only be plugged directly to wall electricity point. Still the connection is fast and clear. The sound may be a bit on the lower side however  the lights make up for it. Also I checked the range from my houses corner to corner and did not find any trouble hearing the sounds.

However based on the online reviews the performance of MBP8 degrades significantly when you try to place receiver and transmitter on different floors. In this scenario i would recommend going for AVENT SCD 560/70/80. It is a well tested and excellent performing audio baby monitor with an impressive range. It also give you certain additional features such as talkback and music.

So in case you were thinking of buying an expensive Baby Monitor for use in a single floor apartment/house, try the Motorola MBP 8. You will be surprised by the performance it affords at less than half the price of competing monitors.

Edit 26/10/17:
We have a short and crisp review of other options (Primarily US based) for baby monitors. You can access the review at below link:

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