Baby Diaper Bag Essential Contents

As soon as you go out for the first time with your baby, you will realize that it requires a lot of preparation and a good number of essential things to be taken along. Now rather than organizing these things every time, it's better to have a dedicated bag with all essentials so that you are assured of having all things required to take care of your baby.

Mee Mee Diaper Bag -
Listing down the essentials based on my experience:
  • A set of diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • At least one change of clothes
  • The most favored portable toy
  • A small towel
  • Formula milk powder
  • Hot water in a thermos  
  • Baby milk bottle - Sterilized/Clean
  • A small kit containing things like - baby cream, comb etc.
  • Baby Medicines (if Any) - I prefer to keep Crocin drops handy always

You need not buy a special baby bag as long as you have got a bag that is handy and can hold the above contents easily. Its always advisable to keep baby bag ready with most of the contents replenished at all times as that would enable you to leave with the baby without the worry of missing something essential.

I am using a Mee Mee baby bag, which I got as a gift. One nice feature in the bag is, the space for two bottles on one side which can act as thermos as it can keep bottles hot for a duration of over 3 hours. 
Mee Mee Baby Bag -

There is a whole range of smart baby bags available in the market to be chosen from. The range starts from around Rs.500 to god knows what!

Baby Diaper Bags -

A baby bag can be a very thougthful gift for new parents as they may not realize the need for it immediately but will definitely go out looking for one at a later stage. 

Do let us know if you feel something else needs to be included in the contents list please leave a comment or drop us an email at

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