Diapers in Summers

It's peak summer time and unless you have a climate controlled home, it could be a very difficult time for your diaper wearing baby. One of the most effective grandmoms advice is to keep baby in cotton nappies (Langoti in Hindi). In such searing heat it's very important that we take care of this aspect.

This will also help your baby in becoming potty trained early as a diaper does not let baby realize the wetness and thus delays the understanding on baby's part about discomfort of being wet.

My Tweety is now five months old and we have stopped using diapers at home. This also means that we try to get Tweety to go every hour or so. She also enjoys these sessions where we hold her making hissing sounds (an old Indian way).

Now less use of diapers also means that baby will wet more often on the bed and thus you would need to take care of the mattresses, as they might start stinking after your baby has left her mark on every inch of it :) To do that we got water proof non slippery covers for our mattresses. They cost around Rs. 800/- for a pair and would ensure that you mattress is not getting spoiled. If you are unable to find such mattress covers, you can buy large plastic sheets and spread them below the bedsheets.

We still use diapers whenever taking Tweety out of the house, but make sure that it is changed every 2-3 hours or as soon as we enter home. In case you can not avoid using diapers, please make sure you change them at least every 3 hours and give a break of 10 minutes between every change.

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