Magnetic Drawing Boards: Endless Clean (D)oodles of FUN

Sooner or later every child realizes the artist within. And then begins the inevitable scrawling on walls, books and passports (oops!!). 

Starting to draw is an important step in a child's development as she learns new shapes, objects, animals and especially colours. Soon you get graffiti across the house on every possible piece of paper, furniture and walls. All these are part of growing up, however you can introduce your child to the stories which teach her to draw or write only on papers, but this is easier said than done. 

A magnetic drawing board can be an excellent substitute for Pen/Paper. Your child can draw to hearts content and all can be erased with a simple swipe of the inbuilt magnetic strip. Please ensure the board is of at least 7X7 inch in size as otherwise it is pretty much useless to draw anything clearly and child loses interest quickly.

We got the following board and it is serving us well for last 2 months now.
Yes.. I drew that bird!
If you want to learn how this works then click on this link.

Indicative price range for these Magnetic Drawing/Doodle boards:

India: 500/- to 1200/- 
Europe: 10 Eur to 25 Eur /-

Mine was 11 Euros.

Agreed that unlike paper, it is not a good tool for creating memories but it was a great way for me to bond with Tweety as I taught her the difference between a circle and a line or tried my hand at drawing all the animals she asked for. 

So if you have a budding artist in your house then this may just well be the saviour for a lot of important papers and walls. Try it :)

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