Stickers mania - keeping your Toddler engaged

Children can be tough to engage in boring situations like taking a flight, waiting at an appointment or just doing work at home when you can't play actively. They need an activity that can hold their attention and in the interest of their eye sight, we can't just let children watch TV for as long as they please.

Reading story books can be one way, however this may get tiring for you after a certain time. Thus we needed another activity which is not noisy and is simple enough to be done in any setting.

We came across a family member who used sticker books to engage their child. These are books with lots of stickers and lots of places to put those stickers. And I must say the idea has worked brilliantly. Tweety has taken to stickers very well and has a hobby now to create cards for her friends using stickers on coloured paper.

The good part is that it is a very affordable hobby which is easier to clean up as well. 

We have got a animal sticker book which is the main source of engagement. Additionally we keep getting small packets of assorted stickers regularly and use them when the book seems boring. She has a free hand to paste stickers in her book, high chair and toy rack. 

Tweety's Sticker book and cards she has made

Some Assorted Sticker Sets

Please make sure to get good quality stickers with light pasting gum so that they can be removed easily if needed. 

Do share if you have any other simple and interesting activities to engage a child.

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