A Baby's intro to world of Puzzles

Tweety is about to turn 2 and a lot has changed since the last post on PapaKehteHain. We have moved to a new country and due to the cold weather, Tweety needs to remain mostly indoors. 

Books, blocks and puzzles are her closest friends right now.

Picture/story books help in stoking her imagination and giving her new words to learn each day. Puzzles keep her engaged in a constructive activity. While blocks are just too much fun to stack and destroy.

We have brought a big boxful of Hindi and English story books which keep her company everyday while eating and before naps. An Ideal book for this age would be a short story with less words and colourful pictures. Will have a separate post about the books. 

Now puzzles and blocks are some of the most constructive activities a toddler can engage in. Tweety still has not got the hang of usual puzzles with 4 or more pieces, however she has developed a strong liking for the wooden ones.

We recently got above wooden puzzle for Tweety. The different shapes in the puzzle help her recognize new things. The fact that most of the shapes can be only fit in one way, gives her concept of rotation to fit things. Within a couple of days she was correcting our intentional mistakes. 

Last week our friends gifted Tweety a clock shaped wooden puzzle which is even better in terms of play and learning.

This single puzzle can help you teach your baby numbers, shapes, colours and time.

Indicative Price ranges

  • India: 150/- to 600/- Rupees.
  • Europe: 10 to 20 Euros

It is recommended to buy a decent quality puzzle with soft edges, colours which are not harmful and not too small pieces; to prevent the possibility of accidental choking.

Such puzzles are a great, affordable and constructive way to bond with your baby and I can assure you of the immense joy you would feel when your kid beats you in completing them.

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