Magnetic Mikado: Stick(y) fun for kids and adults

With my 6 year old constantly complaining of getting bored on bad weather days, we are always on the lookout for good indoor games/toys. However considering how soon kids get bored, of their in-house toys, the options have to be affordable as well :)

We came across one such game (in discounted section of-course 😋) called Magnetic Mikado.

Now Classic Mikado is a game that is played with wooden sticks and has points system based on color of the sticks. Magnetic Mikado on the other hand is a simpler version more suited to younger kids. We have bunch of colored sticks with metal tips at both ends and a special black stick with a magnet at one end. The objective is to just throw the colored sticks randomly on playing surface and  then use the magnetic stick to pick one at a time without moving any other stick.

Me and my daughter play the simplest version where the turn changes as soon as one disturbs any stick other than what you were picking up. Once all the sticks are finished, whoever have the most wins. You can even assign points based on colors and then total at the end of the game.

So far we have been playing it for 2 weeks now and its a life saver in the current days when my daughter is at home sick.

I would like to think it enhances focus and sense of strategy in my kid, however at 4 Euros (available for <300 Rs in India) it is an affordable clean game to engage with your kids or even adults.

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