The Magic Toy

When it comes to toys, babies have an attention span of an engineering student in a boring class. However, there are always some toys to which your baby will respond better or remains engaged for a longer duration. I call these Magic Toys. 

I have two such toys. One is the baby gym that I have already talked about, other is a Fisher Price toy which is essentially a small rotating disc with three animals attached to the disc. I got it as a gift so not sure about the price or exact name of it.
Fisher Price Toy -
Tweety's Magic Toy

This toy is perhaps the most effective way of keeping my Tweety smiling. Sometimes my Tweety laughs just seeing us hold up the toy in front of her. While other times it helps calm her down during her cranky pants sessions.

If you find such a toy among your baby's collection, make sure to keep it clean and accessible. It may be very helpful while traveling with the baby to help keep her engaged. However, as it happens with most baby things, she would grow out of the fascination for such a toy within a month, thus a new search starts for a new magic toy.

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