Baby Gyms - More than a Workout

Fisher Price Baby Gym
Baby Gym..the word literally may make you think of a little place where little ones would go to build muscles! Well actually that's not too far from the truth. A baby gym is usually a colored toy in the form of an arch or something that has legs to stand on and has provision to hang toys and colorful objects. Although seems basic enough from the description, but baby gyms are generally a bit expensive. Let's see if they are worth the price.

The muscles and sensory abilities start to develop in a new born baby as she pushes her tiny arms and legs and gazes at various colorful objects around her. A baby gym helps by giving an experience where the baby can see toys, colorful shapes and objects hanging at a close range. Slowly the baby learns to reach out and hold the toys as her ability to focus develops and she starts to follow objects in motion. Having interesting objects within reach also encourages the baby to touch and feel them thus developing hand-eye coordination.

However the best part about baby gym is that it can keep your baby engaged for a good amount of time giving you a breather or an opportunity to complete some pending work, all the while making sure that your baby is playing with a safe toy. But please ensure that you've put some barriers like big pillows around her to prevent her from rolling away from gym or off the bed. The toys or objects hanging from the gym are generally sufficiently large and thus do not constitute a choking hazard. 

I was gifted this baby gym which I first thought was just an expensive toy, but as my tweety turned 2 months and started to get a grip on things (pun not intended) I realized that baby gym was simply godsend! 

I have a Fisher Price Animal Activity Gym. It costs around 1900 Rs. online. However you may go for any gym that has interesting toys to hang. You can also hang other toys which produce music or soft light to further engage her. Additionally many of the hanging attachments are removable and can be hung on other utilites like stroller, pram or cot. 

There are a lot of other types and even costlier baby gyms available in the market. Few have an inbuilt music and lights. Also there are playmats included with gyms which may contain a  lot of colors and shapes printed and can be interesting place for the baby to spend some tummy time :)
Fisher Price Rainforest Gym
Fisher Price Rainforest-Melodies Gym
Chicco Ergo Gym
Chicco Ergo Gym
Playgro dino gym
Playgro Dino Gym

In case you find the baby gyms in market too costly, you can try creating one at home by hanging colorful toys at a height of arms length from the baby (That's baby's arm not yours :)).

As i finish the post my Tweety is happily cooing under her gym boxing with the toys.. A happy sight! :)

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