Go Ahead Papa, Don't be scared

Papa Baby 
Most men when asked to hold a baby, especially newborn, shy away by saying they are scared they might drop the baby. Well you can get away by saying that for others babies but when you have your own baby, you can't say that forever.

As a father to a little girl, take my advice and go ahead, hold your baby as much as you want to. When you are holding someone so delicate and precious you would know that there is no question of dropping or letting the baby get hurt. No matter how prone you are to accidents or how slippery the floor may seem you are gonna do fine.

A lot of men feel that they are not cut out to take care of babies or that there job now is to earn more and more for the family. Although i appreciate the sense of responsibility behind this thought but at the same time such men are missing out on the most fun and important part of their baby's growth. The bond that you feel with your baby during the initial months is the most unadulterated form of love you would ever experience. Also an active support from you in handling the baby would give your wife some change and some personal time as for a mother the time after delivery is perhaps far more harder than before it.

So go ahead pick up your baby, play with her, love her, spend lots of time with her and be a good fun papa :)

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