Baby Care in Monsoons

babycare in monsoon -

As Monsoon time is round the corner, found it useful to gather knowledge on baby care in rains as the humid air is loaded with various bacteria and germs. Saw Tweety scratching her face, eyes and ears couple of times in the day and felt worried about a possible infection.

Certain essentials that need to be kept in mind in this season: 

  • Try and keep the baby clean and dry (sweat free) at all times
  • Post bath, thoroughly dry the skin folds of the baby (ear, neck, under arm, private parts) before putting on clothes
  • Room temp should be kept moderate (between 25-28 degrees) and house should be kept as ventilated as possible
  • Loose, comfortable fitting cotton clothes are the best in this season to keep the baby calm
Few tips that we found useful in this season from easily available ingredients at home:
  • Soak the bath water with few washed neem leaves overnight to kill any impending skin infections due to antiseptic properties of neem.
  • Do massage the baby well before bath (We use coconut oil in this weather) to keep her calm and moisturized 
  • Home-made body scrub can be made for the baby by mixing 1 tsp besan (gram flour), 3 tsp malai (fresh cream) with a pinch turmeric. Can be applied liberally all over the body before bath.
  • Vitamin C content needs to be increased to enhance body’s immune system for which we give our tweety few drops of lemon juice mixed in water with a hint of honey. She relishes it! :)
However, while being careful, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful weather with your baby armed with colorful umbrellas/raincoats and rejoice in the fresh green natural beauty soaked-up in sparkling drizzle! 

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