Glass Vs Plastic: The battle of little bottles

Earlier only glass feeding bottles were available in the market. Due to the shatter prone nature of glass and higher cost of manufacturing, they gave way to plastic bottles, which, overtime, have taken over and driven glass virtually off the market. But is it safe to use plastic over glass? Read on..

BPA (Bisphenol A), a commonly used chemical in making of plastic products, is linked to several diseases and disorders. It was also found that most baby bottle manufacturers were using this chemical. Subsequently BPA was banned to be used in many products. Most of the plastic bottles in the market today have labels showing BPA free. But a casual search will tell you that even for adults it is not recommended to use plastic as storage for liquids (or even food, if hot).
As over time every plastic bottle (including BPA free ones) tends to release its constituent chemicals in the contained liquid at high temperatures.

Though government agencies have given a clean chit to currently available plastic bottles and products, saying that the miniscule secretions that the plastic may make into your food is not harmful, but i would rather be safe if its just a matter of a little inconvenience, especially when it is related to my baby.

Glass is an inert material which does not affect warm or hot food. The only con of a glass bottle is it is prone to breakage if dropped. I am using a glass bottle for my baby since last one month without any problems. Although please make sure to replace any glass bottle that is chipped or has a crack.

If you must use plastic bottles (if yours is a case of butter fingers) then please take following precautions:
  1. Don't clean with harsh chemicals as it may lead to degradation of plastic.
  2. Change the plastic bottle every 45-60 days.
  3. Don't use the plastic bottles for storage of formula or expressed milk.
The branded BPA free plastic bottles cost almost as much as branded glass bottles, also the currently available glass bottles are quite light in weight too. In case you still have a doubts about the use of plastic or glass bottles, write to us at

Happy Parenting :) 

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