Need help with giving your Baby Oral Medicine?

Even a small sickness can turn your baby into Miss. Cranky Pants and then making her take even her favorite food may become a tough task and if its a medicine that needs to be given then the problem is even bigger. 

Most of the (i think all of them) medicines for babies are in liquid form. Now a few like Crocin come with a dropper so that makes it easy to dispense, however when the need arises to administer ones that do not come with a dropper. It becomes very difficult as babies simply refuse to open their mouth and even if they do its very difficult to give the correct dose with the measuring cap that generally comes with such medicines.

Here comes the baby medicine dispensers to rescue. These are simple droppers, sometimes in shape of large funny syringes (with plastic top ofcourse). These can be used multiple times to administer medicines. You can give accurate dose as these droppers have clear volume markings and as you have the control you would only need a few millisecond window to put the medicine in baby's mouth. Although if the volume of medicine is more than a couple of ml, please do it slowly and give baby time to swallow. For larger doses a syringe type dispenser would be more suitable as it gives you better control over the quantity to dispense in one go.

But please make sure you dispense the medicine towards the side of mouth between gums and cheeks and not straight towards the throat as you may squirt the medicine directly into wind pipe.

Also please ensure proper cleaning of the dropper before and after each use. To clean you  may repeatedly fill the dropper with clean warm water, shake and then squirt out the water with force to clean any medicine residues.

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