Useful Apps for Nursery Rhymes

Nothing captures a baby's attention like a shining screen of a mobile phone. Generally our first instinct is to take the phone away from the baby, however with current number of applications being created specifically for kids in all prominent ecosystems (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) mobiles (or tabs) can act as a tool to engage your baby.

Rhymes are one thing every child is able to relate to easily. There are mainly three types of apps for rhymes:
  • Apps with only audio
  • Apps which have videos streamed from Internet
  • Third and rare type is where we have videos as a part of the app which can be run in offline mode too. 
I have used Android and Windows Phone devices thus jotting down the FREE apps I have used and found helpful.


  • An app with 30 different audio rhymes which may be played offline as well. 
  • It has features such as shuffle, loop and play in background mode.
  • A nice app to help your baby sleep.
  • A free app with 6 rhymes that can be played offline too.
  • Needs installation of Adobe Air (Free - > 11 MB in size)
  • Decent animations and audio

Windows Phone
  • A nice offline app having 3 rhymes.  A great way to engage your kids when outdoors.
  • At 47 MB size, it is a bit large for the limited number of rhymes it offers.
  • Same app on Android, has only 1 free rhyme.
  • An app which uses internet to stream rhymes.
  • Good collection of rhymes.
  • Nice animation and audio.

If you are reading this on an Android or Windows Phone device, you can directly click the links above and it will take you to the respective App Store.

In case you are an iOS user and do know about a good app for babies, please share with us via comments section.

Happy Parenting :)

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